Custom Orders

Custom Orders

Custom orders:

International Orders:
If you would like to place an international order, you must contact us via our contact form below, we will respond as fast as we can with an estimate for products & shipping.

Click here for contact form
Please list the following information:
 -Where you are located
 -Products you are interested in & what colors.
 -If you do not know what you need, feel free to ask we can help you!
 -Custom colors are available (see below)
 -Measurements of screws/bolts (if appliciable)

Custom quantity order:
If you'd like to order a specific amount of acoustic panels OR a enough panels for specific sized room(s) contact us and we can help you out. If you are unsure what you need for a specific number of room(s) we can also aid you with that and make sure you do not overbuy or undercut your needs.

Custom colors:
We offer a variety of custom colors for our acoustic panels and bass traps. If you are interested in custom colors such as: brown, kelly green, teal, red or different sizes of acoustic panels please contact us via our contact form by clicking here.

Drum and guitar accessories:
If you are interested in a custom color not displayed on our site, you must contact us with the or/quantity.

If you would like us to colormatch; we can try to do so, however realize that monitors display colors differently and colors will only be so accurate.

*Purchasing note: Custom orders can be placed via email or over the phone after emailing us. We can set up a custom store page for you where you can purchase your order via credit card or paypal.

**Custom orders cannot be discounted. Custom orders require parts to be made that we do not normally stock or make, extra labor, research and materials go into these orders and it's not possible to discount these items beyond the quote given. Store coupons do not apply to custom orders.


Customer Responsibility:

Green Gizmo is not responsible for wrong measurements or specifications. Customer must supply accurate measurements for custom orders for Green Gizmo to be able to supply a custom order that will fit your requirements.

Please do not assume what you have is a standard, some products use different sizes that we need to know to be able to match your needs and we cannot be responsible for incorrect measurements.


We recommend you use a digital caliper for inside, outside & depth measurements for the most accurate sizing.

Color Matching:
We get a lot of color matching requests through custom orders. We can match colors but 100% accuracy is very difficult because computer monitors do not all display colors exactly the same way, nor do photos provide accuracy as the lighting of the room can effect what we see.

If you need 100% color accuracy, we will suggest you supply a physical sample for us to try and match.

Shipping information:
Custom orders take longer than normal to ship, varying on the nature of the modifications. Please contact us here for more information on your order. Thank you for your patience.


We do not accept returns on custom orders.