Custom Orders:
Q- Can I have a different color of an item?
A-Yes, contact us here about a custom order and we'll work with you to get a custom order made for you!

Q- What can Green Gizmo do with custom orders? Does it cost extra?
A- We can make different colors or special accessories based off existing ones. We have made large grim skull cymbal toppers into drum post accessories, all of our accessories have been colored differently to match customers needs.

So, you want hot pink? We can make hot pink!

Yes, most custom orders cost extra depending on the nature of the order. We can tell you more when you contact us.

Shipping questions:
Q- How long does it take for an item to get to me?
A- Orders take 1-3 business days to ship. Orders are shipped via USPS and will arrive 2-5 days after that.

Please note that some items on our store are made to order and will take up to 10 business days before they will ship!

International orders will take longer to arrive!

Q- Can I get faster shipping? I need to get something for a birthday/holiday!
A- Contact us and we will try to accommodate your needs! Please note there will be a higher cost for expedite shipping.

Q- Does Green Gizmo do international shipping?
A- We ship internationally!

Q- My order never arrived! What should I do?
A- Bring your tracking number and ID to your local post office, they can assist you in getting your package. All packages are insured by USPS and they can help you.

Q- My tracking says delivered, but I don't have it!
A- Unfortunately there's nothing we can do from our end, we cannot interact with your local post office. You will need to bring your tracking number and ID to your local post office and ask them to locate your package. If they cannot help you and your package is lost, contact us and we will help you out.

Things to know about international shipments:

  • They can take much longer to arrive to your home.
  • Often you may need to go to your local post office or customs to pick up your order and pay your country's import fees. (Green Gizmo has nothing to do with customs fees. )
  • Ordersmay be held in customs for anywhere from 1 day to over a month before you can pick the item up. We cannot do anything to speed this up.
  • We cannot speed up how long it takes to get to your house. We do not control the post office or the post office in another country.

The email we receive the most about international orders is why their order has not moved in some time. Customs is the answer and sometimes they do not reflect this on the tracking number, they often hold items and we cannot help in this regard. Monitor your tracking number and bring it to your local post office with your invoice and see if they have your item or can give you an idea on when it'll arrive.

It's their job and we are very helpless in this regard. Once the package is submitted to the post office, we cannot do anything till it arrives.

General Questions:
Q- Something is missing from my order, what should I do?
A- If you are missing something from your order, please contact us via email clearly stating the following:

  • Order number

  • What was ordered

  • What was not received

Responses may take 24 hours, please be patient.

Q- I found a broken link/typo/got an error message.
A- Please contact us by clicking here with the link and error.

Drum Accessories:
Q- Your cymbal toppers are made of plastic, are they fragile?

A- Our cymbal toppers are made of a durable plastic that has undergone extensive testing and can easily withstand the strikes of a drumstick. Hammer tested we stand by our cymbal topper's ability to take whatever your drumsticks can dish out!

Q- How do I know if your toppers will fit my cymbal stands?

A- All of our cymbal toppers are made to fit a standard 8mm post.

Q- I'm worried about your cymbal toppers stripping, how long will they last?
A- Our cymbal toppers have a metal insert that will not strip easily.

Q- The drum beaters look cool but how are they in use? Will they last?

A- Each beater we have (power & speed ) are created for each person's taste if they want more power, or speed however both are made with stainless steel rods and durable high impact plastic and have been extensively beaten to test their lasting ability.

Q- Are the drum beaters for display only?

A- No, they are fully functional drum beaters designed to take stress and abuse any other drum beaters would. They're made of solid, high impact plastic that is molded directly on a strong stainless steel rod.

These drum beaters have been extensively tested to take abuse beyond drumming. We've been selling them for years and are proud of their durability and looks.

Guitar Accessories:

Q- How do I know your guitar knobs will fit my guitar?
A- Our knobs are made to be adjustable and fit to standard guitar & bass guitar pots. Each knob has a small 5/56th allen key screw built into it for a snug fit.

Q- Can I get your guitar accessories in a different color?
A- Yes, contact us via email by clicking here to ask about a custom order!