Thank you everyone!

Posted by Mike on 11/12/2017 to News
Hey guys it's been a long time coming, we have been listening and saving the photos you've been sending us!

Halloween 2016

Posted by Mike on 10/17/2016 to Events and sales
It's that SPOOPY time of the year again

Summer sale!?

Posted by Mike on 6/25/2016 to Events and sales
Sorry we've been so quiet but here's an update, a SALE! :D

Memoral Day Sale

Posted by Mike on 5/27/2016 to Events and sales
Salute to our armed forces for their service. Thank you, you are all heroes and we're thankful.

For this memorial day weekend, save 10% on our store till June 5th!

Meet Avery!

Posted by Mike on 2/24/2016 to News
Meet Avery!
Meet Avery, a talented young drummer!

Valentines Day already?

Posted by Mike on 2/2/2016 to Events and sales
You guys really love eachother!

Speed Beater!

Posted by Mike on 12/7/2015 to News
As you may or may not have seen, we have launched a new custom product!

If you liked the look of our Grim Power Beaters but wanted something lighter we have something new for you! Grim Speed Beaters have 50% lighter head weight but feature the same strong stainless steel rod and high impact plastic meaning they're just as durable.
We've been testing them for the past few weeks in house and we're happy with how they've been performing, they offer a different feel to drumming vs our power beaters.

Holiday Sale 2015

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Posted by Mike G on 11/11/2015 to News
So Fallout 4 is finally upon us! We can explore the wasteland again and now get a more fancy look at the power armor! Being able to upgrade parts of it and power it up, really wild stuff that makes the game feel different from previous entries. Well, the first person ones anyway since the original 3 were all vaaastly different over head RPGs.

Halloween 2015 sale

Posted by Mike G on 10/15/2015 to Events and sales
Halloween 2015 sale
Hey guys, we're having a Halloween sale till November 5th! No fussing with coupon codes or whatever. Just add your items to the cart and you'll automatically save 10% on drum/guitar and other accessories!

Store Re-Launch

Posted by Mike G on 4/11/2015 to News
Hello everyone, I'm Mike from Green Gizmo and we've just did a major overhaul to our online storefront. I mean, yeah it may not look super different on the outside but- we moved servers, installed new store software meaning we've got a faster, better storefront to better help you get what you want but know, faster n' better but just as secure.