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Hello, welcome to Green Gizmo's NEW shop. Here you can find an assortment of custom  drum & guitar accessories that you can't find anywhere else. Our products are custom made in the United States, ranging from hand made, hand painted to fun stickers you can slap anywhere.
We can also provide a custom order service where we can make a custom color or entirely different function for our existing products.
We create fully functional accessories that are made to last & take a beating. Check back often as we're always  to working on new products & have great deals to keep you coming back!

Visit the blog for more information by clicking here.

If you're looking to buy and you aren't in the United States, please have a look at our distributor page by clicking here!

Featured Products

Don't Care sticker
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Green Gizmo Goo
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Grim Bass Tuners
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Grim Skull Power Drum Beater
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Human Skull Topper
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Large Grim Skull Cymbal Topper
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Slaughter the Prophets T-Shirt
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Sniper Skull Cymbal Topper
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